Richard Loffler (b. 1956) grew up on the Saskatchewan prairie. His passion for wildlife art was born in his boyhood, the result of frequent visits to farming relatives and numerous camping, hunting and fishing trips. He has always enjoyed being as close as he can to animals, out of curiosity, admiration and fascination. He became a committed outdoorsman as a teenager absorbing the wonders of the natural world around him. “Working from life affords me controlled confidence. No questions go unanswered. All other things, like texture, harmony, drawing and proportion are pieced together to create the sparkle. If the artist truly has something to say and the ability to express that vision, he will be heard.”

“My approach is traditional with impressionistic flavor. I endeavor to capture the character of animals at moments of instinctive gestures while the lyrics of design and composition are controlled to present a power and grace to each piece. As humans we are inventors – the reasoning part of

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"The Weigh In" "The Buffalo Trail" "Reclining Bull Buffalo" "The Bird Watcher" "The Bird Watcher" "Small Pronghorn" "The Sacred Robe" "The Sacred Robe"
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