Xiangyuan Jie was born and grew up in Hunan, China and is a professional artist now residing with his family in Orlando, Florida.

Jie received his formal art education in China, Europe and the States. In 1982, Jie graduated with a BFA degree in theatre set design from the Central Academy of Drama at Beijing, one of the top art schools in China. He started his professional career as an art instructor at Hunan University, teaching art and design classes there for nine years. From 1987 to 1988, with a scholarship granted by the government's Ministry of Education, Jie studied and lectured as a visiting scholar at the Ecole Cantonale d'Art de
Lausanne, Switzerland. He also traveled extensively around Europe. Jie immigrated to the United States in 1992 to pursue artistic freedom. He taught at Auburn University as a visiting professor, conducting drawing
and design studio classes. He studied late and taught part time in the

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"Afternoon Shadow of So.Rim,G.Canyon" "Rush Hour in Laguna Beach" "Tarpon Springs" "Tara" "After Rain"
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